About Us

Our Mission

It is to present you the right product at competitive prices with the knowledge and experience of our employees who are always in our family and constantly renew themselves with a transparent inner structure, always connected to their professional ethics.

Our Vision

Giving more importance to institutionalization in the coming years, we will always offer the most suitable products with the latest and most successful products in this small country by having a world-class infrastructure and staff in our field.

About Us

SEMRA LTD was established in 1982 by Semral EREL as a small trading company in Mehmetçik. In the past years, SEMRA LTD has added all kinds of construction and hardware materials from A to Z to the sales yard. Today, Semra Ltd is the owner of more than 55 employees and wholesales and retail sales of FE-SA brand water, glass water and anti-freeze, which are the building materials of group companies, lubricants, liquids, automotive bulbs, automotive chemicals and our domestic production, Famagusta Mehmetçik branches and wide distribution network realizes.

Semport Ltd, founded by Semra Erel in 2000, is located in the Famagusta Free Zone and the import responsibility of existing SEMRA GROUP companies is also selling pre-customs construction materials and automotive chemicals. Semport Ltd, who has more than 10 employees today, follows all the innovations in the world thanks to years of experience and knowledge and carries out the followings for the materials that match our prince and our high quality pricing principles.



  • Free Port Zone
    • 2000 mt2 enclosed area
    • 2000 mt2 open area
    • 10 tonne ground rail cranes system
    • Euro pallet rack system
  • Organized industrial Zone
    • POS 200 mt2 enclosed area
    • 2750 mt2 enclosed area
    • 5 ton ceiling crane system
    • Euro pallet rack system
    • Mezaninin shelf system
    • Console arm shelving system
  • Small Industrial Zone
    • 5000m2 enclosed area
    • 4000mt2 open area
  • Mehmetçik Industrial Zone
    • 750m2 enclosed area
    • 250m2 open area
  • Mehmetçik
    • POS 200mt2 enclosed area